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They will flog Him and kill Him; and on the third day He will rise again. Luke 18:33, AMP.

Every year all over the world, people honor Good Friday as the day Jesus was crucified. It was the darkest, most painful, discouraging day of His life. To others, it looked as if it was over. It looked as if His enemies had gotten the best of Him. But God had other plans. Jesus’ enemies put Him in the grave on Friday, celebrating their victory, but Sunday morning was a different story. The grave could not hold Him. Death couldn’t contain Him. The forces of darkness couldn’t stop Him. On the third day, Jesus came out of the grave and said, “I was dead, but now I am alive forevermore.”

One principle that the resurrection teaches us is that God will always finish what He started. No matter how dark it looks, no matter how long it’s been, no matter how many people are trying to push you down; if you will stay in faith, God will always take you from Friday to Sunday. You will see your day of breakthrough because God will complete what He started.

If you are going through a dark time today, remember that your day of resurrection, your “Sunday,” is on the way! Keep standing, keep believing because soon you will rise up and embrace the victory He has in store for you!

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A lot of times, it can be easier to have faith for the future. We believe “one day” we’ll get a good break. “One day” we’ll feel better. “One day” the problem will turn around. If we’re not careful, we’re always putting our faith off, believing that in the future something good is going to happen. But, true faith is always in the present. God is called “the Great I Am” not “the Great I Will Be.” He wants to show you His goodness, His favor and His mercy today!

If this is going to happen, you can’t just have faith for the future. You have to believe that “today is my day.” “This could be the day my health improves.” “This could be the day I get the phone call I’ve been waiting for.” “This could be the day my child comes back home.” There has to be an expectancy that something good is going to happen. Not next week. Not next year. Not in the sweet by and by. No, expect that today is your day and watch what God will do in every area of your life!

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Romans 10:9 (NLT)
If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

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Whether with family or alone, joyous or heart-broken - know that He is, He has been, and always will be with us. Emmanuel.

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Luke 19:10 (ESV) (by Lauren Boebinger)

Glory to God, the Highest; No other name but Jesus. All of creation cries out; glory to God, the Highest. (lyrics from Elevation Worship’s “The Highest”) (by Lauren Boebinger)

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Psalm 96:4 (by Lauren Boebinger)

Jeremiah 10:10 (by Lauren Boebinger)

1 Peter 3:15 (by Lauren Boebinger)