"I want You to take me up
and crash me into Your waves
with the force of Your love
and protect me from the undertoe
because I know You’re always
by my side, I can trust You.
I only pray that You don’t
let me sink into the darkest depths
of my unforsaken heart
and help me see the sunset."

Oceans by Ash

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This network is designed to be a safe place where Christians, prospective Christians, and curious people who want to learn about Christianity can meet and discuss the inner workings of God and all of His glory. 

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» Matthew 22:36-38


Psalm 91:4 » Good Orchard Designs

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What sustained you through the night? What will get you through today? What will enable you to achieve, even thrive, in the days that lie ahead? The LORD’s mercies. These incredible resources never really run out! Each new day brings a fresh supply of them. God is faithful to make sure we have them each day. Praise be to God for making our world new and clean each new day.

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